Peggy Chan

Peggy Chan, not one known to mince beef (or her words), is as far away from that late 80’s stereotypical image of a tie-dyed-t-shirt-wearing-lentil-loving vegetarian as you can possibly get. She is rocker-chic-meets-Melinda Gates – a woman comfortable in her own skin, respected by her chef-peers for not only having what it takes to survive in a carnivorous world, but for succeeding in it too.


There’s no mistaking she’s an advocate for change. Certainly you won’t find her standing on a corner, veggie-bashing meat eaters with a bulgur-wheat-bible. She doesn’t need to. She runs her restaurants, Grassroots Pantry and Prune Organic Deli & Workshop, showing that changes to our flawed food system start by holding oneself to a higher standard; then living it, loving it, and sharing it.


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