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Photo courtesy of Arcane

I’m so excited that the inaugural Taste of Hong Kong will finally launch next week. It will be the first time the festival has come to Asia, which is to say it has finally caught up with me since I moved here in 2012!

I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in this event both in the UK and Australia and always considered Taste to be one the year’s culinary highlights.  Planning the menu for the event is quite a challenge in itself – the volume of food served sometimes is in excess of 1,000 portions a day, making this a big step up from our usual 70 daily covers.

In our tiny restaurant kitchen in Central, we have a full team at our disposal with far more control over when guests arrive and place their orders. I’ve always said that organisation and careful planning is essential to delivering a food experience that truly reflects our business.

Visitors to our restaurant, nevermind Taste, have high expectations so the pressure to deliver will always be the same as we what have in the restaurant.

The dishes we have chosen for Taste showcase the wonderful produce we use at Arcane, from the Taiyouran eggs, Japanese hamachi, Rangers Valley wagyu to our signature icon dish of sautéed potato gnocchi with Fukuoka leek and truffle.

To be able to deliver the quality, dishes need to be simple, perfectly cooked, but  above all delicious. My team of chefs will be running at 100 miles an hour and the fridges will be bulging, but we will all be very excited and ready for action come opening day.

I’ll also be joining the #TatlerTable on Friday March 11 from 1–2pm, so pop by to hear me chatting with other fellow chefs about all things delicious.