Despites assurances by health regulations, there are concerns about the source of food all over the world, whether it’s tainted by radiation, pesticides or pollution. Tasmania remains one of the most trusted origins of food, thanks to its proximity, geographical location and climate condition that foster vegetables grown in rich volcanic soil; seafood caught from fresh cold pure water; and meat from livestock that grazes in the world’s cleanest air and pastures.

Without having to take a 10-hours flight all the way to the southern tip of Australia, here in Hong Kong we can enjoy fresh food produce harvested fresh from the farms in Tasmania, and delivery to our home the day after, thanks to the debut of Tas’Mania in Hong Kong. This online food store meticulously sources seasonal produce grown by passionate farmers and fishermen in Tasmania to ensure maximum freshness, nutrition and taste of their produce. Some of the specialities include Pink Lady and Lady in the Snow apples, wagyu beef and fresh mussels and oysters.

Tas’Mania also offers vegetable, fruit and salad box delivery service, prices range from HK$300 for a sampler to HK$500 for a family pack, smaller customised orders are also available.

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