Nikkei cuisine may be picking momentum in Hong Kong with recent openings such as Djapa and Tokyolima, but Uma Nota, the latest addition to the Soho restaurant district takes a slightly different route, offering the city a rich selection of Brazilian street food from Sao Paolo with a Japanese twist.

With the name suggesting ‘one note of music’, Uma Nota is a contemporary version of a boteco, a Brazilian meeting place for cocktails and small plates of food for sharing. Sao Paolo’s large Japanese population has helped shape the city’s street food offerings, with heavy Japanese influence found throughout its cuisine. Fusing techniques unique to the Eastern cuisine with fresh ingredients from Brazil, the alchemy between two cultures clash and create a new form of food and drink that is unique.

The laid-back cocktail bar and restaurant will present a rich selection of signature dishes including tangy red snapper, prawn and calamari ceviche with aji amarilla and coriander, and a deep-fried Brazilian dumpling named coxinha with chicken and okra, accompanied by a homemade chilli sauce. The exotic dishes will be paired with a selection of cocktails, from the traditional Caipirinha (Cachaca, lime and cane sugar) to modern Menina Geisha (sake, gin, coriander, and kaffir lime syrup), and a selection of concoctions combining both Brazilian and Japanese elements.

Uma Nota, G/F, 38 Peel Street, Soho, Central; +852 2889 7576

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