The hunger for natural and sustainable cuisine is growing, with more and more people becoming interested in organic produce, seasonal ingredients and a no-nonsense approach to cooking. Wild Grass, who purports to exclusively serve Australian OBE beef (that is, wild and organic grass-fed cattle who roam the plains of the Aussie outback), has just opened on Arbuthnot Road in Central to promote this eating philosophy.

Part of their aim to promote sustainability is via a nose-to-tail concept, where little to no part of the whole animal is wasted; so diners can expect the likes of oxtail dumplings and stewed kidneys to be on the menu alongside juicy steaks and seafood dishes.

Some of the signature dishes on the menu are:

- Beef tongue stewed with capers and green olives
- Suckling pig with apple, parsnip and mustard
- Five-hour stewed organic beef shin with cloves and steamed goats’ cheese dumplings

Not only is the food eco-conscious, the tables and chairs are fashioned out of reclaimed and recycled wood.

Wild Grass, 1/F, 4-8 Arbuthnot Road, Central; +852 2810-1189

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