Megan's Kitchen Launches Farm To Table Local Black Pork

Celebrated for its collection of creative hot pot soup bases, creative homemade dumplings, and meatballs, Megan’s Kitchen is adding to its collection of fine hot pot ingredients local black pork. Staying true to farm-to-table practice, local black pork is prized for its distinctive texture and meatiness. Harvested from pigs that are raised locally and naturally, the Cantonese restaurant is offering top-quality black pork collar and belly in its hot pot ingredient selection. Guests can also indulge in barbecued sliced local black pork with honey sauce from the establishment’s a la carte menu.

 Megan’s Kitchen, 5/F Lucky Centre,165-171 Wanchai Road, Wanchai +852 2866 8305

Offer: Mar 31, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017

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Start Date Mar 31, 2017
End Date Dec 31, 2017
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