Oita Prefecture Food Fair At Yamazato

From March 15 to April 9, 2017 , executive chef Akira Hayashi and his culinary team are delighted to host the Oita Prefecture Food Fair at  Yamazato restaurant on the 28th floor of Hotel Okura Macau.

Oita Prefecture is located in the northeastern part of Kyushu, which is covered by forests, rivers and streams that flow from the Kirishima mountain range to give the prefecture rich water sources and the largest number of hot springs in all of Japan.  With this rich abundance of nature, Oita prefecture has become one of the top producers of shiitake mushrooms, kabosu (a green citrus fruit), tiger shrimp and Oita Bungo beef which is delicately marbled, with a rich taste that melts in the mouth. Chicken is also a staple food in Oita with popular dishes being karaage (fried chicken), toriten (tempura fried chicken), and chicken nanban (fried chicken steak).

For lunch, the Oita Kaiseki Set-Lunch is priced at MOP 580 per person or at MOP 668 with sake pairing. It includes famed Oita prefecture dishes including Kunimi seaweed and Himejima tiger shrimp tofu with vinegar miso, Beppu Bay thin tuna and striped jack fish, tempura chicken, Oita Nakatsu Higata Bijin oyster , Kabosu yellowtail rice, Oita yam and burdock soup and Kabosu lime jelly.

For dinner, the Oita Kaiseki Set-Dinner is priced at MOP 1,380 per person or at MOP 1,530 with sake pairing. It is also includes Oita’s famed delicacies such as Kunimi seaweed and Himejima tiger shrimp tofu with vinegar miso, clear soup of softshell turtle and grilled mochi, Beppu Bay thin sliced flounder and tuna, Oita Bungo beef steak with shiitake mushroom, tempura chicken, Oita Nakatsu Higata Bijin oyster, Oita yam and burdock soup and Kabosu lime jelly. 

For reservations and enquiries please call +853  8883 5127 or email yamazato@hotelokuramacau.com

Yamazato, 28/F, Hotel Okura Macau, Galaxy Macau, Cotai, Macau;  www.hotelokuramacau.com

Offer: Mar 01, 2017 - Mar 31, 2017

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