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33 Cafe y Mucho Mas


Date of reviewSep 09, 2015
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Cuisine South American
LocationCauseway Bay

33 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Mon-Sun: 12:00pm-11:00pm

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33 Café y mucho mas is located at the end of Haven Street in Causeway Bay. Independent with reliant on word of mouth, this small establishment may be a little difficult to find. The dining space is quite packed with tables and little elbow room, and staff shuffle between service and food preparation; their attention is limited but attentive.

The café delivers South American cuisine in mostly forms of finger food. The Pulled beef arepas rellenas features beef slow-cooked in coffee, pulled and stuffed into homemade cornbread with avocado and cheese. It’s meaty and packed with complex flavours, and the unlikely addition coffee brings depth to the dish. Bandeja 33 is a platter where a mix of deep fried pork belly, sunny-side-up egg, stewed beans, avocado and grilled corn are served with steamed rice and mixed quinoa. Served both lunch and dinner, this bandeja mixed plate may be deceivingly small-portioned, but the textures are prominent and filling for a dish that serves one.

The dinner menu includes more small plates such as the Chicharones, also known as the Latin-style deep fried pork belly. These golden morsels are golden, crisp and highly addictive tossed with cilantro salt and lime. The Fried cheese with salsa takes thin slices of halloumi cheese, pan-fried and served with a house salsa blend. We find the flavours a little bit too strong and lacking a sweetness that would round out the dish. You can order dessert, such as the Cheesecake in a jar, a trifle like dessert with housemade dulce de leche, which is also for sale. Otherwise, the choice of beverages is good from home-brewed kombucha to coconut chia seed shakes and wines from the New World.