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Café Muji


Date of reviewJun 20, 2013
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LocationCauseway Bay

3/F, Lee Theatre, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Mon-Sun, 11am to 10:30pm

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Nestled in the long-loved Muji store in Lee Theatre now exists Café Muji. A quaint little corner of the shop decorated in true Muji fashion (ie Japanese minimalist), the café offers up a canteen-like experience with cross-cultural, well-seasoned food and a good amount of variety. The lunch line can get a little long as the café remains a new hit amongst the Causeway Bay crowd, but you can see why once you get to the deli counter. You have three (for HK$88) or four (for HK$98) options to choose from, including deep-fried sweet chili chicken, soy sauce and ginger pork, a Japanese seaweed salad, delicately seasoned tofu, lemon dressed pasta salad, a chicken and spinach burger patty and even a sweet potato mash on our visit. When you have roughly fourteen different options, the combinations of food are endless. The decision of what to get is definitely a difficult one and may be the reason why the wait to get food can be arduously long. Along with a choice of white or ten-grain rice as well as tea, coffee or miso soup, the set lunch is amazing value for money. The food is all cooked and seasoned well, but because of the deli-style presentation, the hot food does not maintain its temperature. You can also finish off your meal with their famed Hokkaido milk soft serve ice cream, which comes in two flavours (natural and green tea). For a quick lunch in town, this is a reasonably priced, flavourful and speedy option.