Press Room


Date of reviewNov 12, 2010
Cuisine American

G/F, 108 Hollywood Road, Central, Central, Hong Kong

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Mon-Fri 12:00-00:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-00:00

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The casual eatery on Hollywood Road provides a cosy atmosphere for diners. The Press Room features a bar area and a larger dining hall. There’s a seafood bar with fresh oysters and other shellfish near the entrance of the restaurant while the buzzing kitchen is on the upper floor. Floor-to-ceiling shelves stocked with bottles of wine make for a unique visual experience.


The Press Room offers European cuisine with a contemporary touch. A good selection of seafood can be found off the menu, from fresh oysters to lobsters and large cocktail prawns, and all are given a refreshing touch with house made salsas and sauces. The cocktail prawns are particularly delightful, paired with a chunky freshly chopped tomato salsa in place of the traditional cocktail sauce. The prawns are as fresh as can be, beautifully presented with a bed of mix greens and the tomato salsa in a martini glass. Also tasty is the onion soup, rich with a toasty layer of cheese atop a slice of French bread. The soup manages to achieve a savoury richness while avoiding the most common mistake found in most onion soups - over-seasoning. The soup is a great, hearty start to a dinner and highly recommended. The steak frites is a good option from the main course selection. The steak is perfectly grilled, with a light and crispy outside and a soft, juicy center. The thin-cut fries that accompany the beef are surprisingly tasty; each fry offers a crispy crunch without being greasy. From the dessert menu, the generously-sized crème brûlèe will easily satisfy the sugary craving of two to three diners. Garnished with a handful of raspberries and a pistachio biscotti, the dish has plenty of variety and flavour to offer.


A good number of choices for red, white and rosé by the glass as well as wines ranging from the mid to high price range by the bottle. Servers are happy to offer a sampling of wines by the glass. There are also several tasty, non-alcoholic cocktails.


Cheerful and serving with a smile, the staff is full of energy. While the restaurant is busy, they manage to take care of everyone without delay.

Price   $$$$$

For a sampling of the generously portioned dishes, expect to spend about HK$1,000 for two people, excluding drinks.